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Best Products to Use to Promote your Startup Business

The first stage of a business is the startup stage. Tailoring your product in the market requires extra effort and ways of making your potential customer get to know and remember a product. Always remind your customers about the existence of your products because human beings tend to forget a new item they see for the first time. The following are some of the ideal promotional products.

The first promotional product to give your potential customer is the glowing fridge magnet that contains information about your product. When you give out free glow in the dark paints containing your company logo, your information will be illuminated day and night making a customer remember your company You are always sure that the potential customer will always see the information about your product be it at night or day because they must visit their fridge several times a day.

You can customize USB and distribute them freely to potential customers to make them remember your company. One of the most important tools to transfer information is the flash drive. USB is popular because it is easy to carry around and has moderate space. You can upload your company’s information and images in a flash drive and distribute freely to your potential customer. A customer always remember your company each time he/she opens a flash drive containing the information of your company.

You can remind your customer about your company by distributing multi-functional pen containing the logo of your company. Logo of your company on the pens that you distribute freely to your customers can act as a reminder to the of the products and services offered by your company. Whenever someone sees the logo of your company when writing or taking some notes, he/she definitely will remember your company. With almost everybody having a tablet for recording notes, you can take your advertisement a notch higher by giving free stylus pen with your company or product logo. Your company logo on the stylus pen makes the user aware of your company.

Customized calendars with your company logo can be an essential advertising tool for your company. Majority of us have calendars on the walls of our houses for either date confirmation or for just decoration purposes. Distribute free calendars that have your company logo to customers Date confirmation from the calendar that has your company logo is a reminder to your potential customer about your company.

The last free item you can give your potential customer to make them remember your company is the ironed wooden coasters with your company logo on them. The best thing about coasters is that they are portable. Every time a customer gets it from the bag or pocket, he/she will remember your company by seeing the logo on the coaster.

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